Sunday, 28 January 2018


Hello past FMITL'ers, and potential players as well.

I have decided to run another FMITL season, even though my circumstances have changed. More commute, more interstate travel, greater expectations on myself.

So as we start 2018, the Difficult 6th season of FMITL, please know you are entering a comp that may well shut itself down if it all becomes too much.

So after that rev-up, lets lay out the season ahead.

Preliminary Division Builds - 2018

Firstly, with an 'all things equal' approach, the below is the 2018 Season Divisional structures, based on last years results.
If everyone comes back, and no new players are added, this is what we are running with.

D 1
D 2
D 3
D 4
D 5
@HiReception@Diogenesbrown🥇Div 1 Title Holder
@Ichymochek@downisthenewup_Div Minor Premier
🏆@PokemonHunter78@OccAnalyst🏆FMICL Cup Winner
@SAvery1967@plusSixOneBlogLightning Cup Winner
@Sirocco1971@StrauchansidePossible relegation if a
@TheTipsGuru@TheArcFootyDiv 6 is instituted

Now then, the astute of you in D4 and D5 will see some question marks. These are tagged to the lowest finishers in those divisions, and these players are first in line to move down IF NEEDED.

Move down? Yes. Both divisions are 12 player sets, and the ideal is 10 per div. So if there is a need, (eg a 6th div come on), then I could shuffle some/all of those question marked players around.

There are already 2 new players wanting in (so follow CommishSuper10 and Suburbia3121) and they will enter in D5 or D6. Also above one name change... CapperTowers changes to OSullySport.
Let me know if there are other name changes too.

Any players who elect not to compete in season 2017 will change this structure, so under no circumstances are these divisions final.
If some people step out of competition, I will move others up based on last year.

Confirmation of Play - 2018

Can everyone who has been tagged in the tweets about this post PLEASE indicate your intent for 2018 by CLICKING THE LINK and completing the registration.

(PS: No need to click the link Swish, J_F, Pearcy, RankingSW, Sirocco, Carlo and Doc Mubutu... done and recorded).

Of course, if you know others who want in, let them know, and they can enter via the same link, or via a tweet to @FMI_TL.

And for any newcomers, jut send them to the handy 'whats all this bollocks about' guide on the ABOUT tab above or via that link in the bold text just then.

Please, please, please let me know ASAP as I need to get the divisions sorted, draws done ETC.

Deadline to confirm will be MARCH 1st.

Get to it. Let me know and share if you know someone who may want to tip.

Other Things - 2018

As before, I m potentially getting in waaaay over my head this year, so

  1. I will be relying on you lot MORE THAN EVER to get them tips in on time. I cant be sending reminder all the time.
  2. Hot tip on remembering your tips, courtesy of Steve (ASpeedingCar) - set a calendar entry and reminder for every Thursday at your preferred time... how easy!
  3. There will be no tipping on Thursday night games because its too damn hard. I have no idea how I will handle Tues and Weds Anzac games... most likely they are OUT.
  4. I am still in two minds about running the Cup this year. And the Lightning Premiership. Oh yeah, and reckon I will ditch the belts. Gotta make this stuff easy to manage.
  5. Also, I reckon I will increase promotion / relegation to mandatory 2 up / 2 down (minimum, possibly 3 at the lower 12 player levels).

So, lets get this nonsense 'non-footy' period over and, and lets get into footy!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

R24 - FINALE 2017

Apologies once again, FMITL community. This post is very late, mostly because of work and stuff. And a few tweets recieved make it seem eagerly anticipated.

It has been yet another big year of FMITL with 54 players playing the whole year, a record event and no mid season withdrawals. I thank all returning players and newbies as well. Its fun when there is involvement from you lot.

Looking to next year, I will look to maintain about 50 slots again as it is a good size. Always open to further expansion, and other ideas.

Planned for 2018 is increasing the promotion/relegation chances by eliminating the playoffs. Also open for discussion, merging divisions such that you play each other once, not twice as we do now.

Anyway - enough of next year, errmmm, next year.

So to this year.


1. Minor Premiers

Wal once again wins the D1 minor premiership. That's three times in five seasons. Mr Consistent.


Freshly promoted from D2, Carlo gets the title in Division 2.


Division 3 title goes the way of the yellow and black, with Dem scoring well in 2017.


The Doc tops the tree by a game in Div 4 to win his first title.


In the New Div 5, your inaugural minor premier is

2. Wooden Spoon

Of course, for all leagues there are winners and losers. So we need to acknowledge those that tried, and will be better for the run next year. And this year we had all Spooners designated as guaranteed to relegation to the lower division (in theory, subject to players not withdrawing).

In the biggest shock to the season, the Div 1 spoon goes to last years division one champions. Unbelievable.


Given the flick from D1 at the end of 2015, Aul is now also dropping out of D2 after this season. The decline is Buckley-esque.

Past relegation candidate (mostly saved by departing players) is again in the frame to go down.

In div 4 we have our standout player in this category. With 3 wins and a draw all year, DioBrown is a whole game behind all other spoon winners.

In another shock for the 2017 season, footballing graph king and mathematical insight provider Arc finished at the foot of Div 5. What a shock.

As mentioned before, there are side awards to the season as well, and these were played out in-season and during the post-season as well.

3. MAE Championship - The 'Lou Richards World of Sport Prize Pack'

For some players, this is the prime award they are after. Not about winning the head-to-head matches, but in tipping margins as accurately as possible.


4. Most Correct Tipped - The 'Mike Williamson Medal'

Simple rule here, if you tip correct regardless of margin you get a point.
Winners here all bested previous top scores in the category.


5. Most in Bonus Window - The 'Daniher Bros Silver Squeegee'

Tipping winners is one thing, but getting close to correct is harder and what has helped the best rise to the top. The 2016 winners were.


6. Most Exact Margin Tip - The 'Plugger'

Getting the exact margin is of course the ultimate. Two bonus points and a MAE contribution of  0 the ultimate reward.
Figuring Footy equals the exacta tipping benchmark set by Kev. Otherwise there are lots od players with 3.


7. Longest Tipping Streak - The 'Helen D'Amico'

Running together some good form of tipping also helps secure wins through the season. These players went on the longest of long winding runs.



After the regular home and away season, we entered the finals, for the top 5 of each division (top 4 for D4), and also the Lake Oval inspired Lightning Premiership for all non-finalists

1. Lightning Premiership - The 'Peter Landy Reperchage'

All non finalists together and a blow in testing his arm for next year played for this, and all you had to do was tip correct and be better at accuracy.
The full table of results is below, but it should be worth noting that the winner pinched it purely because the actual best score was ineligible... because the blow in testing his arm for next year actually scored the best.

The 2016 Lightning Premiership winner is:


The top 10 in the Lightning Premiership is here, with the full list over on its own page (see the top of the blog).

9@ASpeedingCar 2132.7

2. Division 5 Champions - "Doc Wheildon Medal"

The first Doc Medal winner (click the link) for winning Div 5 is  


3. Division 4 Champions - "Mark Jackson Shield"

In the Div 4 season title was decided in emphatic style


So the winner of the Mark Jackson Shield is


4. Division 3 Champions - "Allen Jakovich Trophy"

Last years Mark Jackson Shield does an unprecedented double by winning the next division ups title in the first year


TJ also wins the division from 5th. What a season.


5. Division 2 Champions - "Geoff Blethyn Plate"

The Blethyn Plate was also won emphatically, with Sean knocking out a 5-1 win. Another title to the black and yellow.


This promotion will see two players in those colours in the top tier.


6. Division 1 Champions - "Percy Jones Cup"

Wal went through the season dominating Div 1, earning 50 points and having a score diff of 26. Also with 50 points and almost half the score diff was the eventual Div 1 champion.

Clinton's first title.


6. Relegation and Promotion Matches

The FMITL season relegation/promotion head to head battles were played on Round 23.

Confirmed as promoted from D5 to D4 are the division winner and runner up, @FiguringFooty and @Savery1967. Third placed Aaron went into the play off.


Sirocco prevails and stays up in Div 4.
Going down are  @plusSixOneBlog and @Diogenesbrown.

Hi R was defeated in the Division final, and also misses promotion via the playoff.
RankingSW plays on in Div 3 next year.

The Div 2 - 3 playoff was another result for the incumbents. Kev stays up and Dem remains in D3.


And true to form, no change in the Div 1 - 2 playoff with Mercado holding his place in the top division and Carlo gets to try again.


So barring any withdrawals, the 2018 divisions are as below:



Round 23 also saw the climax of the season long FMICL Knockout Cup. All 54 players from Divs 1 to 5 were involved, and it all distilled down to the final between


But before heading to the Cup Final result...

1. The FMITL Cup Golden Boot.

In a FIFA-esque series as it is, its only appropriate we follow another FIFA type ruling and issue a Golden Boot for the highest scorer in the Cup.
This year it goes to one player who set a benchmark for the competition, scoring 13 over the journey.


2. The FMITL Cup Winner

This years FMICL @BarassiLine Cup was played out during Round 23 with the final score as:


Clinton cant get the League and Cup double with The Hunter sneaking in to claim the 2017 BarassiLine Cup. 

Well played all round.